Testimonial from John Dale, Trustee at The National Jazz Archive - We have so much more
                     control over the content of our website now. This makes it easier for us to keep it fresh and
                     ensure that users keep returning. Working across all platforms, including mobile platforms, ensures
                     that the website has the widest appeal to the widest of audiences.
Testimonial from Lisa Keys, Exhibition Officer at Wigan Council - TownsWeb Archiving Ltd were unique
                     in their ability to offer specialist scanning, in-house software development and customer fulfillment
                     services. Through this joint venture with TownsWeb Archiving we are hoping that the public will have
                     better access to their heritage and any revenue generated will help us fund the digitisation of
                     further photographs. We would certainly recommend TownsWeb Archiving to others.
Testimonial from Janice Miller, Information and Archives Officer at East Dunbartonshire Leisure
                     and Culture Trust - TownsWeb offered a complete end-to-end service, from scanning and
                     transcription, to web design and content management software. Their work was completed quickly and
                     to a high standrd, and we are extremely pleased with the results. The knowledge and expertise of
                     their staff was invaluable. We now have a secure off-site back up of our photo library and the
                     collections are accessible to a worldwide audience online.
Testimonial from Dr Anthony Morton, Curator for The Sandhurst Collection - Now that people can
                     access our cadet registers online, it means they won't have to physically come here and turn the
                     pages. TownsWeb Archiving provided the best value for money and the digitised files are fantastic.
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